Intrinsic Connections between the SDGs and the Quran

Al Jisr Foundation had the pleasure of funding the initial phase of an academic research project initiated by the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI), an independent nonprofit organization, to analyze and examine each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from an Islamic perspective.

The research project drew on the best scholars and theologians from around the world to link each of the 17 SDGs with relevant scriptures from the Qur’an. Among the scholars, Shaikh Dr. Kahlan Al Kharusi, the Assistant Grand Mufti of Oman, was invited to partake in the project where his input was valuable in the project’s initial stages.

Islamic principles serve to imbue individuals and organizations with a responsibility to care for society and the environment. As such, it is widely recognized that organizations operating according to Islamic principles tend to embrace an organizational culture that is premised on notions of trust, morality, and accountability.

Given that the Sustainable Development Goals innately reflect the ambitions of Islam, IRI and Al Jisr Foundation both recognize that the project has the potential to serve as an important platform for dialogue with non-Muslims, transparently showcasing the values and principles of Islam through education, by emphasizing the similarities and universally shared values which underpin the goals.

For more information, visit IslamicReportingInitiative

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