Al Jisr Foundation donates Oman Down Syndrome Association

Al Jisr Foundation donates spider cage to Oman Down Syndrome Association

In accordance to World Down Syndrome Day, Al Jisr Foundation has donated a spider cage to Oman Down Syndrome Association (ODSA), as the foundation believes in empowering children with disabilities, aiming to develop their ability and learning through usage of the spider cage.

The spider cage is equipped for physiotherapy treatment. It is considered one of the most effective physiotherapy equipment for motor training. The equipment consists of elastic cords to stimulate movement, strengthen muscles by controlling and balancing practices, and enable children to perform essential skills like standing and moving independently.

According to Nasser Al Amri, the managing director at ODSA, “one of primary difficulties that children face is loosened muscles in multiple areas. Thus, the spider cage would improve motor abilities by stretching their muscles. We thank Al Jisr Foundation for providing such a valuable device to ODSA, as it will contribute to our physiotherapy treatment and benefit around 50 children.”

AL Jisr Foundation aims to empower health and social institutions, and pursue to support the efforts of such institutions like the ODSA, enabling their potential and fostering their services.  


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