All our programs are focused on bridging the gap between poverty and opportunity by enabling effective initiatives in (emergency) healthcare and education. We always aim to maximize impact by leveraging the potential of partnerships and collaboration, in some cases as the initiator of a program, and in other cases as a supporter. When we commit to a project, we like to be actively engaged, or regularly updated on progress.

Enhancing Healthcare

Our healthcare-centric program focuses on obesity prevention, malnutrition, stunting in children, and research and innovation. Initiatives are structured in a way that people receive education and support from as early a stage as possible, and that they receive strategically targeted support.

Improving Education

Our education-centric program is divided into skills development, inclusive education, and research and innovation. These categories predominantly focus on the creation of a healthy, inclusive economy by creating a well-educated workforce that possesses relevant skills and a good sense of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Emergency response

While Al Jisr Foundation realizes that a long-term, strategic approach to healthcare and education is vital, the organization also realizes that there are people in need today who simply cannot wait. Saving lives through healthcare and education emergency operations is therefore the foundational element of this program.