Advancing towards the SDGs

Following its spirit of progress through education, the Al Jisr Foundation in Oman this week focused its efforts on the organization’s goals from within. As part of its continuous development program (CDP), all employees underwent a training program to further their knowledge and expertise regarding sustainability and CSR. Specifically, the training prepared the staff for Al Jisr’s strengthened focus on the universally adopted Sustainable Development Goals, and the Principles of the UN Global Compact.

The 3-day training was held at Al Jisr’s office in Muscat and included stand-alone lectures, hands-on teamwork, and project-specific workshops where the employees examined relevant examples of best practice. Together, the staff formed a clear strategic vision for Al Jisr’s contribution to the ‘Global Goals’ and made a start on finding effective sustainable solutions for community projects in which they are involved.

Mr Sultan Al Busaidi, Al Jisr Director, said: “As a Zakat foundation, Islamic values and principles are at the heart of everything we do. Recognizing the compatibility between Islamic values and the more general values which underpin the Global Goals, we are shaping our strategy and initiatives in a way that will help us consistently achieve both.”

Upon completion of the training, Al Jisr management confirmed its commitment to the UN Global Compact by signing its letter to the UN Secretary General. In doing so, the foundation has joined more than 12,000 organizations worldwide that have agreed to work towards meeting the highest standards of ethical business conduct and governance.

Dedicated to bridging the gap between poverty and opportunity, Al Jisr’s development programs are strategically aimed at enabling effective initiatives in (emergency) healthcare and education. While all goals are interconnected, Al Jisr Foundation focuses primarily on Sustainable Development Goal 1 (no poverty), Goal 2 (zero hunger), Goal 3 (good health and well-being), Goal 4 (quality education), Goal 6 (clean water and sanitation), and Goal 17 (partnerships for the goals). The CDP training was certified by the IRI Reporting Standard, Islamic Reporting Initiative.

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