Al Jisr Foundation organizes training workshop for National Nutrition Campaign


Al Jisr Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and World Health Organization (WHO),  held a training workshop for the National Health Nutrition Campaign.

The programme targeted graduates from the health fields. Youth participating in the workshop attended the training for a week, in preparation for the National Health Nutrition Campaign which aims to change dietary habits of Omani society.

The training programme consisted of a number of workshops called ‘Communication for Behavioral Impact: To Study the Spread of Non-communicable Diseases’.

The foundation hosted a representative of WHO, Dr Everlod Hussein, senior communications advisor-consultant and Dr Samia al Ghannami, head of nutrition department at the MoH. “The results of the National Nutrition survey have shown rapid action to reduce unsatisfactory outcomes of malnutrition, particularly in children under five,” Dr Samia said.

“We thank Al Jisr Foundation for their contribution in implementation and planning with the MoH and WHO. Their role and attention has had a great impact on the development of the health sector and to address the prevailing nutritional situation. Al Jisr Foundation is producing remarkable results and establishing new horizons for partnership of constructive cooperation with NGOs and international organisations,” she added.


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