Al Jisr Foundation starts the year by spreading smiles

A team from the Foundation toured Muscat Governmental Hospitals such as the Royal Hospital, Khoula Hospital, Al Nahda Hospital and Social Welfare House. Al Jisr Foundation created an atmosphere of joy through its awareness initiative in the corridors of hospitals by distributing Murshid Magazine, the first Omani magazine dedicated to children. The foundation’s initiative in the magazine promotes important principles in health and education to suit the minds of children in a simple and interactive manner.

With some help from Maher, Al Jisr Foundation’s mascot, and volunteers, a team from the foundation managed to draw smiles on over 150 children. The foundation distributed a wide range of children’s magazine Murshid, organized enjoyable reading sessions with children, and distributed to various libraries and facilities to entice children to read.

As part of the Foundation’s vision and mission to deliver sustainable community-based projects, the foundation collaborates on a monthly with Murshid Magazine where they publish meaningful and entertaining content relevant to children. Al Jisr Foundation sponsors the content of “Captain Immunity” who encourages children to eat their fruits and vegetables through a superhero, “Friends of Murshid Around the World” which aims to encourages them to learn english and “Train Your Brain with Maher”, which aims to enhance childrens’ math and innovation skills.


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