Donation of Braille Sense Polaris devices to Omar Bin Al Khattab Institute for the Blind

Al Jisr Foundation has provided 10 units of Braille Sense Polaris Mini to Omar Bin Al Khattab Institute for the Blind, in continuation of the institute’s role in developing the previous education system into an electronic system that contributes to transferring students to the world of information technology. In addition to facilitating the education process for the visually impaired and reducing the burden on students represented by the large number of textbooks and the challenges caused by the enlarged printed books and their lack of compatibility with the requirements of students and modern education.

The smart Braille Sense devices provided by the Foundation will replace the old machines (Perkins) that, in addition to being difficult to use, weighed about eight kilograms, which was a great burden for the children, especially in carrying and moving around.

The new machines have many features and applications, including a file manager, word processor, appointment manager, address manager, e-mail, radio, daisy-speaking book player, media player, scientific calculator, electronic games, and navigation. In addition to a number of other applications, at the top of which is the application of the Holy Quran.

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