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Congratulations to the winner, Mohamed Al Farsi!
I. Vision & Objectives

The Arabic word ‘Al Jisr’ literally means ‘the bridge’ – a universal symbol of progress, overcoming challenges, and facilitating new possibilities. Moreover, the bridge represents networking and cooperation. Its significance to our organization speaks for itself. In close collaboration with our continuously expanding network of expert partners, the Al Jisr Foundation enables communities to make the critical transition from poverty to opportunity through (emergency) healthcare and education.

In collaboration with the Oman Ministry of Health, the Al Jisr Foundation has the opportunity to construct an extension to the current Sur Dialysis Center. The proposed extension will be a new dialysis center that will serve the Sur and local community. As provisioned during the planning stages with the Ministry, Al Jisr will utilize this opportunity to hold a design competition for architects, or students of architecture living in Oman.

The Contest is organized in three stages, with each stage followed by a period of review, assessment, and selection of who will move onto the next stage in the competition.

  1. Phase I – Deadline for submission of the initial application is 24. June 2018
  2. Phase II – Semi-finalists, will be announced on 1. July 2018
  3. Phase III – The three finalists will be announced on 16. July 2018

Al Jisr and the Ministry of Health invites the submission of qualifications of interested architects (or students of architecture) for the new extension to the Sur Dialysis Center. The main idea is to design a dialysis center that will provide the amenities expected of a top-tier healthcare provider while complementing the ministry’s and Al Jisr’s expectations.
The general Project requirements are as follows:

  • Location – Sur, Sultanate of Oman
  • Facility – Ground floor structure with a bed space of 24 beds connecting to the current Sur Dialysis Center
  • Site – The site shall emphasize landscape elements including walk paths
  • Anticipated Limit of Project Cost – 800,000 OMR

II. Eligibility

  • Architecture or related field of study students, undergraduates and graduates under the age of thirty-five (35) at the time of submission are permitted to submit their proposal
  • Architects under the age of thirty-five (35) at the time of submission are permitted to submit their proposal
The contest is open exclusively to Oman citizens and applications are only valid if they are submitted on an individual basis and not as part of an architectural firm. Al Jisr Foundation employees, officers, directors, representatives, agents, consultants, contractors, and their family members are not eligible to participate. The Al Jisr Foundation reserves the right to limit or exclude participation in the contest by any person who fails to comply with these conditions.

III. Application

You must register for the competition as an individual. Accepted formats for the initial application:

  • Text description: .doc or .pdf format, max. 500 words, 12-size Arial or Times New Roman font, file size max. 3 MB
  • Design/ Graphic/ Infographic: .ppt or .pdf format, max. 10 slides/pages including 1 cover slide, file size max. 5 MB
Applications must be submitted online in plain English. In submitting the application, the applicant accepts these Rules and Conditions and the rules governing the submission. Each individual applicant may make only one submission.

Your proposal must reach us before 24. June 2018, Noon (12pm) local Oman time.

RFP Minimum inclusions:

  • Cover Letter
  • Conceptual Program and Design drawings

IV. Selection criteria

The design submissions of the contestants who participate in the competition will be monitored through our panel of judges. They will evaluate the submissions using the criteria below:

  • Originality of the architectural idea and design
  • Integration of all technical requirements provided/ building space requirement
  • Functionality of the design: flow systems and feasibility
  • Integration of sustainability, holistically-designed building

Sustainable and integrated design
Sustainable, green design integrates materials and methods that promote environmental quality and social benefit through the design, construction, and maintenance of the built environment. Sustainable design principles affect all phases of project development, from design and construction to operations and maintenance. For optimum results, sustainability should be clearly articulated as a guiding principle and incorporated into the project from the earliest stages through a holistic approach.

  • The design should respond to the local climatic and ecological context by incorporating solar panels, water-saving methods and rainwater harvesting, as well as improving indoor air quality and harvesting the benefits of natural light
  • Sound pollution prevention is especially relevant to this medical facility as patients spend long hours receiving treatment at frequent intervals
  • Energy-efficient lighting methods should be considered for all aspects of the design
  • Strategic tree/ palm planting outside should be incorporated to maximize summer cooling and winter lighting
  • Around the building, landscaping should take full advantage of indigenous plants to provide interest and beauty. Any selected plants must be native to the locality and able to thrive in the natural precipitation levels, making irrigation minimal
  • The building should aim to have a positive impact on the environment, patients, employees and visitors, but also on nature and overall well-being
Applicants are encouraged to consider the approaches and philosophies and be inspired by concepts such as biomimicry, natural step, Cradle to Cradle and the blue economy as well as ‘green’ building standards when possible. Encompassing the above-mentioned points to an affordable, holistically-designed building with sustainability and the well-being of people and planet at its heart.

V. Selection of semi-finalists & finalists

The jury, composed of Al Jisr Foundation and Oman Ministry of Health, will select semi-finalists. All initial applications are evaluated on the same basis. All the participants will be informed about their selection status via the contact details provided when entering the contest.

VI. Prizes

Three finalists will be featured on the Al Jisr Foundation website including the summary of their concept.

  • The winning proposal will be awarded by Al Jisr with a prize of 1,000 OMR and the winner will be given a chance to attend key meetings regarding the project with Al Jisr and The Ministry of Health, Sur.
  • Second place winner will be awarded by Al Jisr with a prize of 600 OMR
  • Third prize winner will be awarded by Al Jisr with a prize of 300 OMR

VII. The panel of Judges (National and International)

National Judges (Oman), in alphabetical order

  • Alexander Kader, Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, German University of Technology, Oman
  • Dr. Ali Al-Nuaimi, Head, Civil and Architectural Department, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

International Judges, in alphabetical order

  • Ida Auken MP, former Minister for the Environment of Denmark, and member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization
  • Dr. Michael Braungart, Co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle design concept
  • Dr. Shamir Ghumra, Global Director of BREEAM
  • Jane Henley, World Bank Green Building Program Lead, and former CEO of the World Green Building Council
  • Bridgett Luther, Director of California’s Department of Conservation under Governor Schwarzenegger, and Founding President of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
  • Gunter Pauli, Founder of the Blue Economy, and Executive Committee Member of the Club of Rome, and the Young President’s Organization

More details about the competition
Please click to download 5 additional documents:

  1. Space Requirements Sur Dialysis Center
  2. MoH Standard and Guidelines for the Construction & Equipment (Chapters 1 & 2 apply)
  3. Sur Hospital Krookie
  4. Site location of proposed SUR RDU
  5. Bird view Sur Hospital (location for the new building marked in yellow)

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Fine print:
The Al Jisr Foundation and the Ministry of Health, Sur, reserve the right to accept any proposal, in whole or in part, or to reject any or all proposals. The Al Jisr Foundation and the Ministry of Health of Sur also reserve the right to request further information from the participating contestant. The Al Jisr Foundation and the Ministry of Health of Sur shall not be held responsible for any cost incurred by the participants in preparing the response to this Request for Proposal. The participants agree to be bound by the decision of the Al Jisr Foundation and the Ministry of Health of Sur as to whether her/his proposal meets the requirements stated in this Request for Proposal. Winning first prize in a competition is not a guarantee that the project will be constructed according to the proposed design. Al Jisr Foundation shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to error, misprint or omission. Plagiarism is not accepted in the competition.

Language of Proposal
All correspondence and documents relating to this project shall be written in the English language.

Property of the Al Jisr Foundation & Ministry of Health, Sur
This Request for Proposal, inquiries and answers and the proposals are considered the property of the Al Jisr Foundation.  All materials submitted in response to this request will remain with the Al Jisr Foundation.