In line with the new vision that’s aimed at supporting and educating families of Zakat beneficiaries in order to develop of self-reliance capabilities. Therefore, Al Jisr Foundation has adopted a new logo.

The green leaf  represents charity and Zakat. It also indicates that the foundation is a bridge to a world of opportunities.  

The blue crescent on the edge of the globe refers to the period in which the Zakat funds are extracted from the foundation from the Zakat funds of the Board of Directors in the holy month of Ramadan. It also symbolizes the light they bring to the whole world through their charitable works.

The white color in the logo is a sign of the peace that the institution wishes the world to live in.

The color blue is the color of the ocean that was, an still is, the source of Omanis livelihood. The sea is the beginning of the journey of Sheikh Saud Bahwan Al Mukhaini – May Allah forgive him. He is an example to follow in independence and achieving his dreams.