Al Jisr Foundation provided a variety of medical equipment to Nizwa, Ibra and Rustaq hospitals. The contribution comes as a compliment to the government’s efforts to raise the standards of healthcare services in Oman and aims to create a sustainable impact by reducing the amount of people that have to travel for treatment and reduce the pressure on central hospitals in the populated regions. The donation includes provision of fumigation machines, endoscopy towers, echo color doppler machine among other equipment.


Over the last 40 years, Oman has invested heavily in the healthcare sector and succeeded in creating a relatively modern healthcare system. On the other hand, the government’s aim to provide all its citizens with free, basic healthcare means that health-related expenditures are growing.

According to reports published by the Oxford Business Group at the end of 2016, the Ministry of Health had 74 hospitals with a total of 6589 beds (equivalent to 14.9 beds per 10,000 people). The increasing population, which is in direct contrast to the shortage of hospitals, is putting a severe strain on the health-care services in the Sultanate, with many patients waiting for months to receive specialized medical treatment.

Moreover, with the increase in chronic diseases in Oman, hospitals have been facing a shortage of medical equipment, the health sector cannot fulfill the demands of the community. In results, this affects the medical service quality provided to patients.


The project aims to improve the quality of medical services in Oman. In result, this will:

  • Reduce the pressure on central hospitals
  • Reduce the waiting time for patients
  • Decrease the burden of disease by offering medical equipment’s to aid in diagnosis and treatment of illness

Al Jisr encourages companies and individuals to donate as part of their social responsibility and contribute into enhancing the healthcare field.