Al Jisr Foundation continues its efforts through its activities during the holy month of Ramadan. This year, the foundation conducted both local and international projects to help the Muslim population.

The local projects consisted of providing daily Ramadan iftar in several locations such as Al Ansab, Al Anbiya Mosque, and Al Ma’abaila, Al Ghaffar Mosque. On a daily basis, over 1000 people benefit from this iftar.

In addition, the foundation has distributed over 150 Ramadan kits to eligible families in the Muscat region. The kit includes everyday essentials that could be used during the holy month of Ramadan. Towards the end of the month, the foundation plans to visit some hospitals in Muscat, Khoula Hospital and Nahdha Hospital, to distribute coupons to patients and Eid vouchers to over 100 patients.

The foundation conducted a similar project in the Republic of Uganda in coordination with Oman Charitable Organization to provide the Muslim community with Ramadan kits that would aid in their daily iftar. More than 1200 families were helped in the following locations: Kira, Kyaliwajala, Kimwanyi, Butto, and Kasokosoko. The kit included 20kg of rice, 15kg of beans, 10kg of sugar, 10kg of flour, and 5 liters of cooking oil.

This project was an opportunity to explore future opportunities in the field of charity and to highlight historical bonds between Oman and East African countries.

Al Jisr Foundation would like to thank all the volunteers who generously gave up their time to help us facilitate these programs this year, as well as our staff for orchestrating the events. We warmly welcome new applications from volunteers for 2018.