The first forum for people with disabilities with the aim of integrating the youth into society

Ministry of health in collaboration with the Oman Physical Therapy Association organized on Tuesday the first Persons with Disability Forum under the theme “We Care” Which coincided with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, that falls on the third of December every year, in order to motivate persons with disabilities and encourage them to succeed and achieve their goals by showcasing successful role models with disabilities who have many achievements and were able to overcome all challenges and difficulties. It also aims to provide humanitarian services through volunteers, which contributes to lifting persons with disabilities throughout the year.

Samia bint Faqir Al Raisi, head of the medical rehabilitation services department of the General Directorate of Specialized Medical Care of the Ministry of Health, said in a speech: The forum aims to integrate youth with disabilities with the society to provide an opportunity for all parties involved to open the door to dialogue and looking into how to develop the capabilities of each person with all the obstacles and overcome them through voluntary work.

Al-Jisr Foundation produced a short film, which was displayed during the ceremony, aimed at spreading awareness among members of society to motivate them to support persons with disabilities and that they are able to achieve a brighter future and contribute towards building society. In addition, dialogue sessions were held to discussed the challenges faced by persons with disabilities and propose solutions

In a speech given by Dina Al-Khalili, head of the Al Jisr Foundation, she stressed that : It is from Al Jisr Foundation’s vision, we believe that the formation of partnerships and collaborative relationships between different sectors to share resources, competencies, experiences and goals are critical to achieving positive progress in societies that include the advancement of rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities and are fully aware that when they are empowered we are promoting human solidarity of society.

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